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Non-governmental Organizations

Ho Chi Minh City Child Welfare Foundation (HCWF)
HCWF is a non governmental organisation, founded by a group of volunteers who are interested in social affairs and want to dedicate their time and donations to helping vulnerable and at-risk youth in Ho Chi Minh City.

Mobility Research and Support Center (MRSC)
Formally established in June 2000, MRSC leads efforts to address issues of mobility and occupational and reproductive health in Vietnam, with a specific focus on HIV/AIDS prevention.

The Centre for Research Family Health and Community (CEFACOM)
CSAP, Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Program began its services in 2001 with the focus of preventing child sexual abuse through research and providing support for communities and families who are in need of it.  In 2005, CSAP changed its name to CEFACOM, The Centre for Research Family Health and Community, to reflect the fact that they had expanded in their areas of interest to include a broader range of activities including: direct support to children (and their families) in need of special protection and family health; and community development issues such as environmental sanitation, reproductive health, family health, gender and building capacity for the community.


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